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Agronomía Mesoamericana journal is a periodical publication (January-April, May-August and September-December) edited in the Universidad de Costa Rica, its objective is to disseminate scientific information in Spanish or English language, through the publication of articles, short communications, technical notes and literature reviews, related with food and agriculture sciences from anywhere in the world, emphasized in tropical and subtropical zones, especially from Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. 




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Dynamics of severity of coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix) on Coffee, in Chanchamayo (Junin-Peru)

Alvarado-Huamán L., Borjas-Ventura R., Castro-Cépero V., García-Nieves L., Jimenez-Dávalos J., Julca-Otiniano A., Gómez-Pando L.

Effect of the organic and mineral fertilizer on the performance of sugarcane yield in Nariño, Colombia

Volverás-Mambuscay B., González-Chavarro C., Huertas B., Kopp-Sanabria E., Ramírez-Durán J.

Chemical and organic fertilization in oats: seed yield and quality

Rodríguez-Herrera S., Salgado-Ramírez O., García-Rodríguez J., Cervantes-Ortiz F., Figueroa-Rivera M., Mendoza Elos M.

Altoandina: new variety of forage oats for the Andean area in Colombia

Campuzano-Duque L., Castro-Rincón E., Castillo-Sierra J., Torres-Cuesta D., Nieto-Sierra D., Portillo-Lopez P.

Financial and biophysical analysis for the potato seed production

Insuasty-Córdoba S., Ramos-Zambrano H., Marcillo-Paguay C., López-Peñafiel H., Mateus-Rodríguez J., Martínez-Pachón E.

Economic risk in the production of Angus and Hereford beef in La Posta, Chihuahua, Mexico

Callejas-Juárez N., Rebollar-Rebollar S., Guzmán-Soria E., Terrones-Cordero A.

Analysis of the competitiveness on pig farming in Tejupilco and Luvianos, Mexico (2006-2018)

Hernández-Martínez J., Rodríguez-Licea G., Gómez-Tenorio G., Guzmán-Soria E., Rebollar-Rebollar E., Rebollar-Rebollar S.

Quality of raw milk in the highland tropics of Nariño, Colombia

Tobar-Delgado M., Rodríguez-Bautista J., Patiño-Burbano R., Argote-Vega F., Castro-Rincón E., Mogollón-García H.

Physical soil fertility in the sowing system in wachado on Nariño, Colombia

Volverás-Mambuscay B., Campo-Quesada J., Merchancano-Rosero J., López-Rendón J.

Influence of shade and scarification on the germination of Ischaemum rugosum Salisb.

Portuguez-García M., Rodríguez-Ruiz A., Herrera-Murillo F., González-Lutz M.

Imbibition and temperature to rupture latency of Ischaemum rugosum Salisb

Portuguez-García M., Rodríguez-Ruiz A., Porras-Martínez C., González-Lutz M.

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