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Agronomía Mesoamericana journal is a periodical publication (January-April, May-August and September-December) edited in the Universidad de Costa Rica, its objective is to disseminate scientific information in Spanish or English language, through the publication of articles, short communications, technical notes and literature reviews, related with food and agriculture sciences from anywhere in the world, emphasized in tropical and subtropical zones, especially from Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. 




Change in citation style

We communicate to all the scientific community linked to Mesoamerican Agronomy that from volume 32(1) the citation style to be used will be APA

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Detection of the 35S promoter by real-time PCR as a transgenicity indicator in food and Gossypium sp.

Oviedo-Bolaños K., García-González J., Solano-González S., Martínez-Debat C., Sancho-Blanco C., Umaña-Castro R.

Selection criteria in tomato lines with determinate growth habit

Burbano-Erazo E., Pastrana-Vargas I., Mejía-Salazar J., Vallejo-Cabrera F.

The value chain of tree tomato (Solanum betaceum) network in Ecuador

Moreno-Miranda C., Molina J., Ortiz J., Peñafiel C., Moreno R.

Genotype by environment interaction of nine cotton varieties for inter Andean Valleys in Colombia

Mejia-Salazar J., Galeano-Mendoza C., Burbano-Erazo E., Vallejo-Cabrera F., Arango M.

Productive performance of seven soybeans genotypes in acid soils of the Colombian Orinoquía

Caicedo-Guerrero S., Tibocha-Ardila Y., Campuzano-Duque L., Flórez-Gómez D., Arguelles-Cardenas J.

Chemical control of Pogonomyrmex barbatus with corn attractants, in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico

Salas-Araiza M., Lara-´Álvarez L., Martínez-Jaime O., Díaz-García J.

Leaf litter and Mycena citricolor inoculum on the American leaf spot epidemic

Granados-Montero M., Avelino J., Arauz-Cavallini F., Castro-Tanzi S., Ureña N.

Effect of doses of nitrogen in the agronomy and physiology of yellow passion fruit

Rodríguez-Yzquierdo G., Pradenas-Aguila H., Basso-de-Figuera C., Barrios-García M., León-Pacheco R., Pérez-Macias M.

Pea production and commercialization in the department of Nariño-Colombia

Torres-Martínez F., Rivadeneira-Miranda C., Castillo-Marín .

Herd management information systems to support cattle population research: the VAMPP® case

Sánchez-Hernández Z., Galina-Hidalgo C., Vargas-Leitón B., Rojas-Campos J., Estrada-König S.

Productive characteristics of forage crops for supplementation in milk production systems, Nariño, Colombia

Nieto-Sierra D., Meneses-Buitrago D., Morales-Montero S., Hernández-Oviedo F., Castro-Rincón E.

Production and quality of Tithonia diversifolia and Sambucus nigra high andean colombian tropic

Guatusmal-Gelpud C., Escobar-Pachajoa L., Meneses-Buitrago D., Cardona-Iglesias J., Castro-Rincón E.

Purines discharge capacity of a liquid manure spreading tank

Boschin-Figueroa C., Vargas-Rodríguez C.

Fusarium wilt by tropical race 4: Current status and presence in the American continent

Martínez-Solórzano G., Rey-Brina J., Pargas-Pichardo R., Manzanilla E.

Increase okra production with the addition of nitrogen

Coutinho-Miranda V., Pascual-Reyes I., Torquato-Tavares A., Gonçalves-Carline J., Silva-Sousa K., Rodrigues-do-Nascimento I.

Environmental stratification of rice by genotype x environment interaction analysis using five methods

Acevedo-Barona M., Silva-Diaz R., Álvarez-Parra R., Torres-Angarita O., Reyes-Ramone E.

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