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Agronomía Mesoamericana journal is a periodical publication (January-April, May-August and September-December) edited in the Universidad de Costa Rica, its objective is to disseminate scientific information in Spanish or English language, through the publication of articles, short communications, technical notes and literature reviews, related with food and agriculture sciences from anywhere in the world, emphasized in tropical and subtropical zones, especially from Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. 




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Nitrogen and potassium fertilization in corn in an Alfisol of Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Garbanzo-León G., Alvarado-Hernández A., Vargas-Rojas J., Cabalceta-Aguilar G., Vega-Villalobos E.

Protein quality in lines and experimental hybrids of QPM. Central Highlands, Mexico

Arellano-Vázquez J., Gutiérrez-Hernández G., Flores-Gómez E., López-Martínez D.

Populations of phytonematodes associated to the vigor of plantain plants

González-García H., González-Pedraza A., Pineda-Zambrano M., Casanova-Yepez M., Rodríguez-Yzquierdo G., Soto-Bracho A.

Variation in the orange (Citrus sinensis L.) prices in Mexico

García-Salazar J., Bautista-Mayorga F., Borja-Bravo M., Guzmán-Soria E.

Soil loss in the wachado old system in the upper tropics of Nariño, Colombia

Volveras-Mambuscay B., Merchancano-Rosero J., López-Rendón J., Campo-Quesada J.

Serum mineral profile of lactating Holstein cows in mixed indoor-grazing systems

Morales-Almaráz E., Vieyra-Alberto R., Domínguez-Vara I., López-González F., Arriaga-Jordán C., Sánchez-Torres J.

Optimal frame rate to evaluate boar sperm kinematic with a CASA-Mot system

Barquero V., Víquez L., Calderón Calderón J., Valverde A.

Raoultella terrigena and Pectobacterium carotovorum in vegetables in two provinces of Costa Rica

Cubero-Agüero D., Brenes-Guillén L., Vidaurre -Barahona D., Uribe-Lorío L.

Sensitivity of Phytophthora infestans to aqueous extracts of Lippia origanoides and Origanum vulgare

Burbano-David D., Lagos-Mora L., Álvarez-Ordoñez S., Chañag-Miramag H.

Early selection in clonal trials of melina (Gmelina arborea Robx.) in Costa Rica

Hernández-Castro W., Murillo-Gamboa O., Badilla-Valverde Y.

Growth of F1 and F2 calf Kiwi Cross x Holstein

Nieto-Sierra D., Timarán-Rivera E., Montes-Vergara J., Castro-Rincón E., Mogollón-García H.

Productivity and nutritional value of barley and wheat forage from Colombian’s highlands

Mancipe-Muñoz E., Vásquez-Venegas J., Castillo-Sierra J., Ortiz-Cuadros R., Avellaneda-Avellaneda Y., Vargas-Martínes J.

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