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Why publish in RBT?

  • Fully indexed: the Revista is included in Science Citation IndexGoogle Scholar, Current Contents, Biological Abstracts, etc.
  • Rapid decision and publication (5 days for first decision, 4-8 months from submission to publication).
  • Fair: a double blind system helps fair evaluation of manuscripts.
  • Free for authors and readers*.
  • Widely read in countries with the highest biodiversity, where your article can have the highest real impact.
  • A dedicated staff gives you a personalized treatment.
  • World Class Editorial and Scientific Boards.

*Articles are freely available online (Full Open Access) so they are more likely to be cited than articles from pay-wall journals.


How to publish in RBT?

Carefully review format, style and requirements:

  • Author's guide (please make sure you read everything in this two-page guide)
  • Submission letter (print, fill out, and send it as a scanned copy in PDF format or as a digital photo, together with your manuscript. Note: if not within reach, multiple letters may be sent to supply all coauthors’ signatures)
  • Graphs guide (these simple instructions will let you improve all graphs, not only those that you send to our journal)
  • Format sample (an example of an article with proper format)

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Our scope

Our journal publishes in all fields of tropical biology and conservation.

For our normal issues, we only consider feature articles, but other norms apply to supplements*.

Selection criteria are the amount and quality of new information and interest to a general readership. The studied ecosystems, or at least the organisms, must be predominantly tropical.

We typically accept: studies with a strong experimental design; large samples; prolonged field work; or taxonomic-systematic studies of higher taxa (we can only publish new species of vertebrates).

We especially welcome unsolicited meta-analyses, syntheses and reviews that critically summarize what is known and what remains to be done in any field of tropical biology.

What we do not publish: Normal issues do not publish notes, short communications, species lists, descriptions of new species that are not vertebrates, range extensions, new records and other preliminary or short studies, or highly specialized technical reports of limited interest.

*Special issues and supplements are financed by institutions and accept all kinds of contributions, including shorter articles and notes. Contact the journal for policies and prices.

This journal is aimed at specialized personnel in the field of Biology and Conservation of tropical organisms and environments.


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Latest articles

Essential oils biological activity of the Lippia alba (Verbenaceae) shrub

Ortega Cuadros M., Acosta de Guevara E., Molina Castillo A., Gutiérrez Castañeda C., Castro Amarís G., Tofiño-Rivera A.

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